FAと環境を結ぶ サンゲン株式会社
〒730-0015 広島市中区橋本町7-26
〒491-0043 愛知県一宮市真清田1-3-19
〒520-3024 滋賀県栗東市小柿7-1-25
〒812-0014 福岡市博多区比恵町1-18
English sangen|FAと環境を結ぶ〜生産性向上と環境対策で貢献するサンゲン株式会社

Company Information

1. Corporate Overview

Sangen Corporation

”Sangen Corporation was started as a distributor of a machine part as ””a technical trading company which supports production”” in 1976. We have worked since then centering on the apparatus, which is useful to the improvement in productivity and cost cuts, such as air pressure, oil pressure, fluid control, and machine control. Then, We have expanded business for until to various proposals which combined the inspection apparatus and the various marking equipments of the measurement and finished goods on a production process, and conveyance and filling / packing apparatus.Moreover, in recent years, the social request to environmental protection increases and it is faced with the subject, which minimumizes the bad influence to earth environment also at each production factory.Then, we are performing the help to realization of the optimal environmental factory every day by proposal of environmental load reduction equipments, such as all waste, bad smell, noise, etc. of the production spot, etc.Now, power is put also into trust processing and development of the machine only for customers besides sale of this apparatus. ”

Corporate Information

Company Name : Sangen Corporation
Established :March 9 ,1976
Capital :¥20,000,000-
Head Office :7-26 Hashimoto-cho Naka-ku Hiroshima-shi,Hiroshima,Japan
Sales Office :Tokyo,Aichi,Shiga,Fukuoka, Hiroshima
Employee : 22

2. Products

Factory Automation Field:

・Air pressure, oil pressure, fluid control, and machine control
・Marking equipments
・Conveyer, filling / packing apparatus, laborsaving apparatus
・Trust processing

Environment Field:

・Sound isolation ,deodorization equipment
・Concentration ,drier
・Energy-saving apparatus

Image and Measurement Field:

・Various Senser,Measurement inspection apparatus

Specialized Machine etc:

・Specialized Machine
・Production Date Management System
・Robot Control System

3. Sales Network

Head Office

7-26 Hashimoto-cho Naka-ku,Hiroshima Japan 〒730-0015
Hiroshima Office Tel +81-82-227-2220 Fax +81-82-227-2229

Aichi Office

1-3-19 Masumida Ichinomiya Aichi Japan 〒491-0043
Tel +81-586-71-0080 Fax +81-586-71-8777

Shiga Office

7-1-25 Ogaki Ritto Shiga Japan 〒520-3024
Tel +81-77-553-4133 Fax +81-77-553-4491

Fukuoka Office

1-18 Hie-machi Hakata-ku,Fukuoka Japan 〒812-0013
Tel +81-92-471-1554 Fax +81-92-471-1555

4.About the exchange with you

”I will take charge myself of the head office Tetsuya Ando.
The contact is as follows.”

E-mail :info@e-sangen.co.jp
Tel :+81-82-227-2220 Fax +81-82-227-2229